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Add A Signup Widget To Your Facebook Page

Our Facebook Signup Widget allows you to add a signup form as a tab to any Facebook Page that you manage. You must have a Facebook Page (typically for a business) to use this widget, as Facebook no longer supports custom tabs for member profiles. We use the excellent Static HTML: iframe tabs app to power our widget. We'll show you how to install it.


Step One - Create The Widget & Copy The Code

Create the Facebook widget using the Web Widget Creator. Customize your settings as you would with any of our other signup widgets. When you're done click create, then scroll down to Facebook widget. Select all of the text in the box and copy it. (Click anywhere inside the box and then type Control-A then Control-C on a PC or Command-A then Command-C on a Mac).

Step One


Step Two - Add the Static HTML: iframe tabs Application

Make sure you're logged into the account that controls your Facebook Page
and then click here to install the Static HTML: iframe tabs application.


Step Three - Confirm The Application

Facebook will ask you to confirm that you want to add the application. You will also have the option to select which Page to add it to if you manage multiple pages. Click Add Static HTML: iframe tabs

Step Four - Add The Widget Code To The Static HTML Application

On your page, at the top of the timeline you'll see a new box with a star icon and the text welcome. Click on it and you'll be taken to a page that allows you to paste the widget code.


Step Five - Go Back To Your Page To Edit The Widget's Name

We're almost done. Now let's change the name of the widget from 'Welcome' to something catchy like Join Our Texting List. Navigate back to tour Page. Click Manage, and then Edit Page.
Step Seven


Step Six

From the left navigation list, select Apps, then click Edit for Static HTML: iframe tabs. Enter a custom tab name. If you'd like to customize the icon for the signup widget as it appears at the top of your timeline, follow the instructions provided by the Static HTML: iframe tabs app.
Step Seven